Trailblazers. Thought leaders. Action-takers.

These are the Titans of IoT. They’re the ones out ahead of the curve, showing all of us what’s possible when the digital and physical realms converge. What they do matters and has never been done before. Their IoT innovations are transforming how we do business, how we interact, and how we experience the world around us.


What does it mean
to be a Titan of IoT?

The Titans of IoT are pioneers across industries and around the globe who recognize that when businesses are connected to the rest of the world in real-time, all the time, everything changes. These leaders are transforming their businesses and their industries. They have the creative vision and the practical know-how to drive tremendous innovation, economic value and first-of-their-kind experiences.

Help us find the
next Titans of IoT

Anyone who’s driving IoT innovation can become a Titan of IoT. Nominate a colleague, a business partner—even yourself! Just tell us how your nominee is creating extraordinary new experiences by embedding connectivity into products. Thousands of successful IoT service businesses are operating right now in dozens of industries across the globe, and the world deserves to hear their stories!

Celebrating the Titans of IoT

Discover more IoT facts

There’s a lot of hype out there when it comes to The Internet of Things. See how innovative companies are using IoT today to transform their businesses, and deliver new customer experiences.


Titans of IoT Profiles

Learn how IoT is orchestrating a shift in business value from products to services on a global scale. Titans of IoT are leaders directing the future course of IoT. Get inspired by these stories of the people behind the world’s most innovative and transformative ideas.


IoT Information

The Internet of Things (IoT)—often referred to as the convergence of the digital and physical worlds—is revolutionizing how we interact with one another and the world around us. Soon nearly every business, in every industry, around the world will be an IoT business. Find out how to thrive in this new connected world.


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